Gold: 10 Ways to Make Money Using Gold

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Gold: 10 Ways to Make Money Using Gold

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Welcome! Like many people reading this, I have always been fascinated by gold—that most beautiful of metals and, like most people, I have had limited access to it. Gold is exclusive; it’s limited; it’s elusive; it’s fascinating; it’s miraculous. It’s something which everyone wants but few people have. It’s a form of solid wealth that you can hold in your hand. And there’s something permanent about it. 

Do you want to have gold? 

Do you want to make money buying, investing in, collecting, trading or selling gold? 

Do you want to get started making money with gold today? 

Great! This guide is here to help! 

Gold is, by far, one of the greatest means of storing, preserving and transferring wealth the world has ever known, ever since we first discovered shiny flecks in an ancient river bed and realized that this malleable substance could be shaped and formed into any design we could imagine. And there’s something very interesting about gold—something you’ve probably known for a long time: gold has inherent value. And, more interesting still: as fiat currencies become more unstable, and their future more uncertain, gold’s future becomes more and more certain. If you worry about another financial crash, hyperinflation, or even regular inflation, and you mistrust the banking system worldwide, then you need to find an alternative means of storing your wealth based on a solid asset. Gold, silver and other precious metals are a secure means of preserving your wealth over time. And there are many, many opportunities for investing in gold as part of your overall investment portfolio. As I explained in by book, Make Money Fast: Build a Business, Grow Your Income, And Live Your Dreams, gold is an essential means of preserving wealth over time.

Investing in gold can be risky, it is true, because gold’s value compared to the US dollar and other fiat currencies fluctuates. But that’s to be expected. When there is greater uncertainty, people flock to gold as a safe-haven, and when the economy is more stable and secure, people sell their gold investments and put their money elsewhere. This is natural and to be expected. The volatility of gold, it must be understood, is not to do with gold itself, but with the reliability or unreliability of the economy and fiat currencies. As governments print more money, they are actually creating inflation. This means that our dollars, euros, pounds, shillings, riyals or shekels no longer have the purchasing power that they once had. This is a great way for governments to reduce the value of their debt, by literally creating money out of thin air, while the ordinary people of the world wake up to find that their bank balance is no longer worth what it once was. By purchasing gold, you can actually fight inflation. While the price of gold tends to fluctuate and is subject it much volatility, it is, generally speaking, deflationary. In other words, gold tends to go up in value over time, or at least preserve its value, while fiat currencies inevitably go down in value due to inflation, which is the result of printing too much money. This is a simplistic analysis, but it’s true. You can also invest in other alternatives, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and I have created an information guide for that subject as well, entitled Bitcoin: 10 Ways to Make Money Using Bitcoin, but, nevertheless, gold remains an essential investment tool to fight inflation.

This book will teach you ten ways you can start making money using this most precious and amazing metal, this most ancient store of wealth—gold—which has stood the test of time. Why is gold such an amazing vehicle for preserving value? Firstly, because gold is limited in supply. There is only so much gold in the world and there are more people who want it than have it. This is the essential law of supply and demand. When demand exceeds supply, the value of the thing desired increases in price. Furthermore, gold is lasting. It does not decay, rot nor dissipate. In fact, the gold you have in your earring or wedding ring right now may have been mined by an ancient Egyptian, Persian, Roman or Lydian, more than five thousand years ago. Gold lasts a long time, and it is constantly being recycled, refashioned and reused by new buyers. I like to give the example of the mask of Tutankhamun, the 18th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, who ruled between 1332 and 1323 BCE. His mask, and other gold items, have survived intact for over 3,300 years! That’s how durable and lasting gold truly is. As I mention in my book, Make Money Fast, the gold that made this mask still retains value to this day, more than three thousand years later. The mask, which was discovered by Howard Carter in 1925, was made of two layers of gold, weighing about 22.6 lb. While the mask itself is priceless, if it were melted down or sold simply based on the current value of gold (in 2017), it would be worth roughly $414,146.60. That’s a lot of money for something weighing 22.6 lb. This is not to mention the actual value of the item itself as an artefact, or work of art. In that sense, the mask is actually priceless, and, were it sold at auction, it would fetch countless millions of dollars. But even in its basest form, were it melted down to its original substance, it would be worth over $400,000 dollars! That is the value of gold, even after thousands and thousands of years. And if you buy gold now, especially in the form of gold bullion, i.e. physical gold, who’s to say it won’t be worth even more in the decades to come? Do you think the economic situation of the world will get better or worse? If you’re betting it will get worse, then you should invest in gold, because gold will almost definitely go up in value when times get tough.

And if you invest in gold now, in the form of an exchange traded fund (ETF) or other investment fund, you could be thanking yourself later on. While gold will never reach the massive deflationary heights of Bitcoin, which has soared in value since its inception, gold has a history of longevity and value which nothing else can compare with, except perhaps silver and precious jewels. When you invest in gold in the form of an exchange traded fund, you do not actually own physical gold, but you are investing in a fund which holds gold assets. The SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) fund, for example, has net assets of $35.66 billion US and a year-to-date return (YTD) of 10.92% as of 2017; the iShares Gold Trust (IAU) has net assets of $9.43 billion and a YTD return of 11.10%; and the ETFS Physical Swiss Gold (SGOL) fund has net assets of $1.04 billion and a YTD return of 10.95%. These are given as examples, but they show returns that are not too shabby indeed. In fact, the alternative to investing your money is to let it sit in the bank, as inflation eats away at your savings. Banks do not currently offer high rates of interest. If your bank gives you 1% interest on your $1,000 and the rate of inflation is 3%, how much money will you have left after 5 years? The nominal value of your money will increase by 1%, but the purchasing power of the original $1,000 will be 3% less. You will thus lose money by letting it sit idly in the bank. If you invest the money in an investment fund which beats inflation, you will increase your money over time. Even if you simply possess physical gold, in the form of gold bars, coins, etc., the value is likely to increase over time. From 1971 to 1999, the annual return on your physical gold investment would have been close to 6%, while from 1999 to late 2011, the value skyrocketed by almost 650% (from $250 an ounce in late 1999 to $1,900 per ounce by late 2011). At that point, it paid to have physical gold in your portfolio.

Just remember this: owning gold will always beat owning fiat currencies. Fiat means created by decree, and US dollars, British pounds sterling, Canadian dollars, etc. are all currencies which are created out of thin air. In most cases, they are simply numbers in a database, or, at worst, pieces of paper with traces of cocaine scrunched up within your wallet, or stuffed into your mattress. They are printed on mass, created at will by banking computers, and generally created at the stroke of the pen to achieve some political objective, such as quantitative easing, based on dubious economic theories. If you invest in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, cryptocurrencies, and other assets which have a more tangible value, then your wealth is more likely to be preserved, you are more likely to beat inflation, and your savings are more secure. The potential for gold to increase in price is great, due to the fact that the world we live in is fraught with greater and greater uncertainty. Climate change, war, economic turmoil, unemployment, banking crashes, etc. are all major worries. And the price of gold thrives on uncertainty and chaos. If you want to hedge against inflation, keep your money safe, and invest in your future, then you need to read up on how to invest in gold now. I have created this information guide, so that you can get to grips with ten ways to make money using gold. It’s designed for complete beginners, so do not fear. And where there is technical jargon, I have tried to explain it in the simplest way possible, in laymen’s terms. I’m not an investment expert, so I also like to reduce things to the simplest possible terms so that they can be easily understood. So, what will you learn in this book? You will learn a number of methods to make money using gold, including:

• Buying, storing and trading gold bullion

• How to get gold delivered straight to your door

• Different types of safes for storing gold bullion

• How to purchase and store your gold in a precious metal depository

• The meaning of fungibility

• The history of gold currency and gold money

• How to buy, collect and trade gold coins

• Different types of gold coins, including florins, guineas and sovereigns

• The pros and cons of investing in gold jewellery

• How to buy valuable gold jewellery

• How to mint your own gold coins, i.e. ‘rounds’

• How to invest in a gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

• How to invest in gold Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)

• How to invest in a gold mutual fund

• How to invest in gold mining stocks

• A listing of some of the most profitable gold mining shares

• How to speculate using gold options, forwards and futures

• What gold receipts are and how to purchase them

• How to create an emergency fund that includes gold

If you’re new to investing in gold, and believe, as I do, that gold will continue to be a store of value over time, then do make sure to purchase and download this e-book. Gold is a tremendous resource which can add significant value to your investment portfolio, and there is still time to invest as we head into times of greater and greater economic and financial uncertainty. Imagine if gold goes up in value again by as much as it did between 1999 and 2011, when it skyrocketed by 650%! Do you want to miss out on that possibility? Do you want to risk the possibility of your money sitting in the bank as it gradually decreases in value, day-by-day, as your purchasing power diminishes? If you want to hedge against inflation; if you want to open up new investment possibilities and better ways to diversify and shore up your portfolio, then you need to find out more about investing in gold now! Everyone needs to develop their own gold investment strategy, and I hope that this book will help you to do just that. Consider this my attempt to provide you with the basic knowledge that will allow you to come up with your own strategy. I hope you find some value in this book, and, if you do, please let me know via Twitter @Nicholas19. Also, if you would like, make sure to give an honest review for this book on Amazon. I would really appreciate it. Finally, if you want to learn more money-making and investment strategies, then I highly recommend that you read my longer and more comprehensive book, Make Money Fast: Build a Business, Grow Your Income, and Live Your Dreams. If you want further updates on my books, please follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook Author Page, and sign up for my mailing list.

Best wishes and good luck with your future investments in gold!

- NJ Bridgewater

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