Information Products: 10 Ways to Make Money Using Information Products

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Information Products: 10 Ways to Make Money Using Information Products

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Have you heard about the opportunities for making money selling information products? If not, you already know about e-books, audiobooks, and other online resources, right? Well, these are all information products, and there is a huge boom in the industry of creating and producing information products. While you can make a lot of money selling physical products, information products take little initial investment and, therefore, are highly profitable. People want packaged information that is accessible, easy-to-read and downloadable. Can you do basic internet research and writing? Can you compile information in an organized and effective way? Then, you too could produce information products, market and sell them online. If you want to break free from the chains of wage slavery, start earning passive income and become financially free and independent, then you should consider making and selling information products. There are a lot of online business models you could follow. However, with information products, you can make money more quickly, with less initial investment, and continually through digital downloads (e.g. via Amazon). As I explained in my book, Make Money Fast: Build a Business, Grow Your Income, And Live Your Dreams, also available on Amazon (or it will be soon—join my mailing list or follow me on Twitter for updates), information products are the way of the future.

This book will teach you ten ways you can start making money using information products, including how to create and compile documents based on internet research, and how to effectively market and sell your products. Now, let me tell you why I am so interested in information products. As a child, I enjoyed writing stories and researching new topics. For example, I began creating my own newsletters and series on the study of dragons, which I called ‘serpentology’ (a word of my own invention). This was back in the 1990s, when the internet was young, and I mostly relied on hard-bound volumes of Encylopedia Britannica for research. I first began doing serious research while working on my degree program at the University of Manchester. It was there that I began to really understand the value of researching, compiling and collating information, and the importance of avoiding plagiarism and copyright infringement, as well as the need to use verified sources. Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to do a university degree in order to make information products—far from it—but I am saying that you can use your own skills and background to inform the products that you create. I enjoy producing content for my readers, and I take delight in producing something of value that people will find interesting and informative. This book will help you to provide value for others through packaging and selling information and research.

I’d highly advise that you start learning about how to create information products now, and this e-book can be your first step in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to start making your first products. A few key things to remember: never stop learning, because no-one is perfect—this book is a step in your journey of knowledge in how to create an effective, online business; persevere until you achieve success; and take advantage of the powerful tool that is the internet—it will allow you to reach out to new customers and, through effective marketing and advertising, you can achieve great success. The internet is full of content; nevertheless, we are also drowning in too much information. What is the value of content if it is not useful or reliable? You can fill an essential need—to provide information which is consistent, reliable, informative and accurate. The amount of information online is huge, but so is the demand. According to Bly (2010), Americans spent $693 million on self-help books in 2009 alone. By learning how to create effective, well-written and well-researched information products, you too can take advantage of this rising demand.

Most information online costs nothing, so how will you make money producing and selling information products? Simple. People will buy information that is available online for free, if it is packaged in an easy-to-read and understandable manner. In fact, there are huge profits to be made in selling information products online. And you can do the same. If you’ve already got a blog going, you can collect and edit those blog posts, put them into an order that makes sense, add an introduction and conclusion and et voilà, you have an e-book. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that—you have to make an attractive cover, write a book description, format the book, etc. So, what will this book give you and how will it help you to learn? My book will teach you all the essentials that you need to know, including the following:

• What are information products

• How to create a webinar, with an opt-out payment

• How to compile and package existing information online

• How to create an audiobook version of your product

• How to publish your information document as an e-book

• How to avoid plagiarism, copyright infringement, etc.

• How to format and publish the book on Amazon

• How to find and source public domain books and articles

• How to get experience in audiobook narration

• How to use a blog to promote your information products

• How to use videos (esp. YouTube) to sell your products

• How to create our own online store to promote and sell digital downloads

• How to create a private Facebook group to promote and sell your products

• How to create continuous passive income through information products

• How to use a sales funnel to generate more sales

• And much more…!

If you are serious about making your own online business and starting to earn passive income NOW, then buy this book and download it right away. Every journey requires a first step, and every successful enterprise requires investment. The best investment you can make is in yourself. So, why not take a chance now and invest in yourself by purchasing this e-book? Why not take a decision, right now, to start your own online business creating and selling information products? If you can produce high-quality content—if you can produce content that sells, and market that content effectively, then you will achieve success. This book will help you to do just that. Let me just conclude this introduction by saying that I hope you find value in this book. If you do, please let me know via Twitter @Nicholas19. Also, if you would like, make sure to give an honest review for this book on Amazon. I would really appreciate it. Finally, if you want to learn more money-making and investment strategies, then I highly recommend that you read my longer and more comprehensive book, Make Money Fast: Build a Business, Grow Your Income, And Live Your Dreams!

Best regards and good luck!

- NJ Bridgewater

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